Hiren Brass Products’s prototype and short-run metal stamping services vary from large volume specials tooled and procured large or short-run jobs.

Short-run metal stamping is a more cost-effective process that can meet short lead times, making it perfect for delivering seasonal products at a quick rate. They are commonly used for providing tight tolerances in tentative designs. This process is used for pilot lot production, prototypes, and other quick projects where design changes can be expected. Receiving high-quality prototypes can make future changes simpler and quicker, speed up the production process by cutting down on initial mistakes or unneeded features, and extend the product life of your final product.

Stamping is typically used in operations such as drawing, coining, blanking, bending, and piercing. We can work with small to large quantities. We also offer heat treating, tumbling, micro-finishing, anodizing, plating, and polishing with our precision metal stamping. 

Metal Stamping Materials

We can work with a variety of materials to fit your prototyping and metal stamping needs. These include:

Metal Stamping Products

Metal Stamping Processes

We can assist your company with efficiencies and product management by stock and hold per release your most unique stamping needs as well as the following additional stamping job requirements:

  • Design
  • Source
  • Transport
  • Tool
  • Prototype
  • Fabricate
  • Inspect



Types of Precision Metal Stamping

  • Progressive Die Metal Stampings. Progressive die stamping is perhaps the most common metal stamping process.
  • Deep Drawn Metal Stampings
  • Multi-Slide Stampings

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