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Brass Threaded Inserts


Threaded inserts are fasteners that provide a durable and secure hold in metal applications.

Brass blind threaded inserts nut are the type of metal insert that is used to provide durable and reliable hold in metal parts. they can be easily inserted into metal parts using a screwdriver and press, and they provide a reliable and tight hold.
the Brass Heat-Set inserts have been designed for post-mold installation into notch-sensitive thermoplastics using heat. brass molded-in and press-in inserts are used in the molding process.

They come in a variety of materials and sizes to fit specific needs and can be easily installed using a press or other tool. Whether you are looking for brass threaded inserts, brass press-in inserts, nut inserts for metal, or threaded inserts for sheet metal, there is a threaded insert that is right for your application.

Threaded inserts are reusable, durable, and reliable for use in plastic moulding, automotive, telecommunication, and electronic industries. We offer these components in a variety of sizes as per client requirements.

  • Products Range:

    Brass Heat-Set Inserts, Brass Screw-in Inserts, Brass Self-Tapping Inserts, Brass Press-in Inserts, Brass Drive-in Inserts, Brass Expandable Threaded Inserts, Brass Knurled Inserts, Brass Flared Inserts, Brass Hexagonal Inserts, Brass T-Nut Inserts

  • Materials:

    Brass Alloy: CuZn39Pb3 / CuZn39Pb2 / CuZn38Pb1.5 / CuZn37Pb2 / CuZn40Pb2 / MS 58 / BS2874 / IS 319 (Type I & II)
    UNS (ASTM): C35300 / C35330 DZR / C36000 (CDA 360) / C36500 / C37000 / C37100 / C37700 / C37710 / C38500
    BS: CZ121 / CZ122 / CZ124 / CZ128 / CZ 131 / CZ132
    EN: CW602N / CW603N / CW606N / CW608N / CW612N / CW614N / CW617N
    JIS: C3601 / C3602 / C3603 / C3604 / C3605 / C3712 / C3771
    Any special brass material compositions as per customer’s requirements.

  • OEM Services:

    Custom design accepted.
    Design as customer’s requirements offered.
    Free sample before manufacturing provided.

  • Tolerance:

    With tight tolerance ±0.005 specific tolerances can be discussed with the customer, given the part material, size, and geometry.

  • Application:

    Plastic molding injection , Telecommunications, Laptop, Electrical, Automobile and Instrumentation.

  • Dimension:

    Sizes available from M2 to M30 and up to M36, and as per Custom Designs and requirements.

  • Threads:

    ISO Metric (MM) / BA / BSW / BSP / BSPT / BSF / BSB / UNC / UNF / UNEF / NPT / NPS / Specified Threads Any threads as per client specification.

  • Surface Treatment:

    Natural Clean / Nickel Plated / Electro-Tin Plated / Silver Plated / Copper Plated / Zinc Plated / Chrome Plated / Specified Surface Finish.

  • Sample Time:

    Available in 1-7 days for different items.

  • Drawing Format:

    CAD / PDF / DWG / IGS / STEP.

  • Packaging:

    Standard package, Carton box or Pallet, As per customized specifications.

  • Shipping:

    DHL, FEDEX, UPS and By Sea or as per client's requirements.

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