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Brass pipe fittings are used to connect two pipes. due to the variety of designs, shapes, sizes, and materials, Pipe Fittings are widely used in plumbing, gas, fuel, and industrial production, especially in the mechanical industry.

Pipe fitting is the occupation of installing and repairing tubing systems that convey liquid, gas, and occasionally solid materials.

Types of brass fittings include elbow fittings, which are used to change the direction of flow, tee fittings, which split the flow into two directions, threaded coupling fittings, which connect two pipes together, and adapters, which connect pipes of different sizes. These fittings are also available in various forms such as threaded, sweat, compression, and flare, to accommodate a variety of piping materials and applications.


  • Plumbing Industries
  • Gas Systems
  • Fuel Systems
  • Refrigeration
  • HVAC
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